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Information for Businesses

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Information for Businesses

Intelife has more than twenty years’ experience in servicing businesses and can offer competitive commercial rates and dedicated employees selected to meet your specific needs.

What we can do for you

Our contracts include:

  • commercial BBQ cleaning and maintenance
  • roadside beautification and traffic management
  • grounds maintenance and public open space management
  • sand-sifting and playground maintenance
  • delivery of promotional material
  • commercial office cleaning
  • contract packaging, labelling, collation and assembly

We can do all this and more- if you need a job done and don’t see it listed here, talk to us about it.

We employ more than 230 skilled employees and staff, and have the capacity to travel to locations across WA. We can either work at your premises or at nominated sites across the greater metropolitan area. Our disability support staff will oversee contract work and ensure quality control.


Why Choose Us

  • More than twenty years’ experience in business service.
  • Flexibility to suit your commercial needs through fixed term, fixed price contract work or ad hoc services.
  • All work crews are fully trained in job specific requirements and OHS prior to commencement of contract
  • Allocated supervisory staff to provide direct support and ensure quality control
  • Strong organisational structure
  • Comprehensive insurance to cover employees, vehicles 
  • and equipment
  • Demonstrated ability and high quality service delivery

Intelife has been awarded major contracts for the provision of environmental and commercial cleaning services with local authorities, State Government agencies and private enterprises such as Telstra Incorporated and Lochness Landscape Services. 

Intelife is a member of the Western Australia Disability Enterprise Alliance.


You’re in good company

We have long-term relationships with a range of businesses, departments and organisations throughout Western Australia.  We partner with these organisations, who are committed to providing employment opportunities to people with diverse skills, backgrounds and experiences.  These leaders realise that in creating these opportunities - it’s just good business.

Below is a sample of organisations and businesses that we work with, let’s work together.