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Intelife has over 20 years’ experience delivering a wide range of facilities services to Local Authorities, State Government agencies and private organisations across Perth and the South West. Intelife offers your organisation a wide range of Commercial Services and facilities-based solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Services for your business

Facilities Management

From general cleaning through to laundry services and maintenance of the external areas of your office, we have regular onsite, off-site or mobile teams that work on temporary or fixed-term contracts depending on the needs of your business. Services include:


Led by on-site skills trainers, our work crews deliver garden maintenance and landscaping services to businesses in the community. Our services are competitively priced and are flexible to suit your business and include:

Why choose us

More than 20 years experience providing commercial services
Competitive, high quality service delivery
Contractual flexibility; fixed term, fixed price contract work or ad-hoc services
Comprehensive insurance coverage
Highly skilled and trained staff
Assisting to support people with disability (corporate social responsibility)

These organisations are enabling independence with Intelife:


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