Working together with NDIS to enable independence

Intelife is proud to be a registered NDIS provider. NDIS is an insurance scheme provided by the Australian Government to deliver individualised funding to people living with a disability. Its purpose is to ensure that all Australians are able to maximise their potential, achieve their goals and live the best life possible.

NDIS provides funding directly to the individual, giving people choice and control of their funds, leading to more flexible and tailored support and better outcomes. As a registered NDIS provider, Intelife receives funds from the NDIS plans of the people we work with. This funding allows us to deliver tailored programs and services that enable independence.

Your NDIS Journey

How does NDIS work?

NDIS will meet with you to establish you support needs and understand your objectives for the year ahead. From employment and volunteering opportunities, to developing life skills such as handling money and navigating public transport – NDIS will work with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Intelife NDIS Pricing

Pricing under the NDIS is set by the NDIA. The NDIA sets the price for some supports to make sure they provide value for money for customers.

Download a copy of the NDIS Intelife price guide here

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NDIS eligibility

To be eligible for NDIS you must be:

  • under the age of 65 yrs
  • an Australian citizen or permanent residence
  • use special equipment or receive support from another person due to your disability
  • need support now to reduce future support needs

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