Litter Collection

Our motivated, diverse and dedicated work crews provide high-quality, cost effective litter collection services. Intelife’s teams are safety conscious, trained in traffic management and take pride in their work. With Intelife as your litter collection partner, you will receive a competitive, high quality service and be making a difference in the community by providing business and employment to a not-for-profit organization..

Litter collection services:

  • Accredited and Qualified Traffic Management
  • Litter picking – based on risk assessment
  • Disposal of collected waste items
  • Disposal of hazardous waste as per Shire/City standards

Specialist service areas:

  • Roads/highways
  • Parks
  • Leisure facilities
  • Beaches (sand sifting machine)
  • Shorelines
  • Major events (concerts, festivals, etc)

Intelife are proud to provide commercial services to:


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