About Intelife

A proud history of enabling independence

Intelife is driven by a commitment to empower people with disabilities to live a life of purpose, enjoyment and independence. With a focus of creating possibilities for their children with disabilities, a group of parents formed Intelife in 1991. Starting with a team of seven providing activities and work opportunities to 24 school leavers, Intelife recognised a wider need for outcome-focused disability programs and services. This led to the creation of a broader employment service in 1993, followed by the development of Intelife’s community access and engagement program in 1996.

Creating lives filled with possibilities

Over the years, Intelife has developed a full range of programs and services including School Leaver support, Lifeskills programs and Employment Opportunities programs including our Supported Employment program, as well as Respite Services. Our innovative programs are tailored provide real choice and flexibility, supporting people to achieve their goals and dreams. We build relationships which place the individual at the centre of all decision making, working together to plan a journey to independence.

Today, Intelife’s team is proud to work with over 650 individuals across Perth and the South West of Australia, empowering them to live a life without boundaries – a life they are proud of.

A culture built on accountability and excellence

Intelife’s culture is energising and engaging. We have created an environment of individual and collective accountability ensuring delivery of service excellence and business sustainability. Every day we strive to create an agile, resilient business that is continuously evolving to meet the needs of the community.

We are dedicated to delivering innovative, outcome-focused services to enable independence and create lives filled with purpose, enjoyment and achievement.


Our values drive our strategy and daily operations

Strong empowered leadership

We work together to ensure a safe and trusting environment where people feel empowered and energised to take the initiative and provide positive leadership within their scope of responsibility.

Service excellence

We are committed to making a difference for our customers (internal or external), enabling everyone to realise their full potential.

Teamwork that makes the dream work

We are actively committed to supporting all individuals in a positive, and safe environment that sustains personal resilience. We are inclusive, work as a team, and build healthy relationships.

Accountability and adaptability

We ensure we do the best for our customers, colleagues and the organisation by ensuring we are accountable and adaptable. We deliver our goals, Intelife standards, and openly embrace change and innovation.

Openness and honesty

Our communication is an open exchange of ideas and information and we are non-judgmental in our attitude and behaviour to others. We do the right thing and are honest and ethical in all we do.

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