Enabling Independence

A life without boundaries,
a life full of possibilities.

Live a life of purpose.

Intelife is a social enterprise based in Western Australia, dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives. Our mission is to provide people with disabilities access to purpose-driven work, social connections, and independence. We are committed to offering innovative solutions for job opportunities and supporting pathways to open employment, fostering a sense of belonging; enabling independence.

Our programs & services

Stories of success, compassion and empowerment

Intelife helps hundreds of people with disabilities every day to live a life they enjoy and can be proud of. And our work doesn’t end there. Our commercial services team provide businesses with a wide-range of facilities services which helps to foster and encourage inclusive communities.

Sophie's Story

Sophie’s dedication and passion for helping others has allowed her to complete work experience with Intelife through the Customised Employment Program.

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