Job Skills & Employment Pathways

A journey to employment

Meaningful employment leads to a life of fulfillment and achievement. It builds self-confidence and independence as well as teaching valuable life skills. At Intelife, our flexible approach allows people to make choices about their life’s direction. We guide people along their journey to finding employment through a one-on-one approach to assess individual needs and identify specific goals. Our employment programs empower people with disabilities to grow personal life skills, identify and achieve goals and learn valuable employment skills.

Diverse paths to reach employment success

Customised Employment

Customised Employment (CE) is a flexible, individualised approach for individuals who require support to ready them for employment.

Our team builds a relationship with individuals, learning about their interests and abilities. We are then able to align a person’s skills to a specific job – benefiting both the individual and the business. Microenterprise can also be created around an individual’s interests. Operating on a small scale, people can develop and gain new skills leading to a real sense of achievement.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment provides tailored support to people who have existing skills and ability to enter the workforce.

We design an individualised Supported Employment program and introduce people to the workforce through Intelife’s Commercial Services offering which provides businesses with valuable facilities support in areas including cleaning, gardening and packaging. Working in crews alongside skills trainers, individuals experience success in real-life work and social situations.

School Leavers Support

Intelife has a dedicated School and family Liaison Officer who provides employment support and life skills training to school leavers – helping to make the transition away from school less daunting.

We work together to understand the individual and find the perfect opportunity for them. From apprenticeships, supported or open employment, volunteering, leisure and sports activities, vocational education or further education, Intelife helps school leavers discover a life ahead that is full of possibilities.

Grow personal life skills

Increase independence and self-confidence, as well as achieve a sense of belonging in the community through learning valuable life skills like how to get from A. to B. and creating a resume.

Identify and reach goals

Explore a variety of different activities to discover what offers the most enjoyment. Then make a plan, set goals and celebrate achievement and success.

Learn valuable employment skills

Become workforce ready by learning time management, communications and money-handling skills and gain understanding of how to take instruction at work through real-life work experience.

Start your journey to employment

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