Positive Behaviour Support

Achieve social integration, inclusion and independence

Intelife provides support to people who engage in actions or behaviour that others may find difficult. Our goal is to promote quality of life and work to find opportunities for the individual to be included in the community.

Understanding the individual to achieve the best outcomes

How we work

Intelife’s team is trained in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). Our PBS plans are developed and delivered in a manner that respects an individual’s human rights with the primary goal of improving their quality of life and promoting opportunities for them to be included in their community.

Intelife’s PBS team works with individuals and their support networks to understand what a person may be trying to communicate through their behaviour, to understand them as a person and then to work out ways to better meet their needs.


Intelife’s approach focuses on understanding a person’s unmet needs. We discover what is missing and make changes to enable those needs to be met. In many situations, understanding the unmet need can reduce or prevent behaviour that can be challenging for others.

Once the behaviour has been reduced or removed, we’re able to provide opportunities to the individual that leads to increased social integration, inclusion and independence. Our goal is always to increase community involvement which leads to a life of purpose, enjoyment and achievement.

Start your journey to inclusion and independence

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