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Lifeskills Plus

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Lifeskills Plus

Intelife’s Lifeskills Plus program supports people with a disability to become more independent in everyday life.

Lifeskills Plus focuses on assisting our participants in learning how to maintain relationships, develop new friendships, and engage in community activities.

About lifeskills

We encourage participants to collaborate with us to ensure the services you receive are meaningful and responsive to your needs.

We work closely with you, your advocates and NDIS Planning Coordinators to develop an individualised program that will best meet your needs and goals. 

Our programs help develop skills for independent living and encourage community inclusion. We can support you in strategies relating to:

  • skills development
  • community engagement
  • planning for your future
  • education and supported learning options
  • personal development and skills training
  • employment preparation
  • coordination of your life plan and program

Whether it is assistance to join a sporting team or club, support to be more independent, learning how to independently catch public transport or cook meals, attending community classes or taking the next step towards employment, we are here to help.


Our Commitment

Empowering you to achieve your dreams and aspirations is our goal. We are committed to working with you to build on the skills you identify as being important and, together, designing a program that engages you in your community.

The majority of our programs are community based, encouraging participation in your local area and assisting you to develop healthy relationships. We encourage you to collaborate with us to ensure that the services you receive are meaningful.

We can support you one-on-one, in a group or any combination that works for you.


How to Get Started


We talk to you and your family or carer about our program. For those in secondary school, we recommend meeting with us early, even if leaving school is still a few years away.


When you register with us, we guide you through completing the necessary forms.


We work with you to design a program that aligns with your NDIS plan, meeting your goals and needs.


We explain the details of your program including costs, days of attendance, transport arrangements, your safety and other necessary information.


Your Plan & Funding

As an NDIS registered provider, Intelife has the capacity to support you at all stages of the development and implementation of your plan.

Over the next 12 months Intelife will provide additional support to our current participants, supported employees, families and carers to prepare for the coming changes.

We will also be holding information sessions to help people to prepare and identify their individual goals under the NDIS.

We can provide feedback and advice on your existing plan, offering guidance on the transition to the new system. We can even attend your planning meetings with you if you would like us there.

Intelife is committed to assisting our participants through these changes and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.