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"Ben grew up on a farm and attended small country primary and senior high schools plus boarding, all mainstream. We moved to Perth to enable him to experience a full social life plus work opportunities. Throughout his time at Intelife  he has been well supported in a variety of activities by the caring staff at Intelife. All the staff have worked collaboratively with Ben and his family to get the best possible outcomes in any given situation. Ben has also received transport training, so he is now able to travel independently between home and Intework. Ben has been able to successfully attain goals we as a family had only dreamed of - with the support of the staff at Intework, those goals have become a reality." - Annie K, mother


"I've been doing woodwork at Rocky Bay since February 2013, and in that time I've made a chopping board set, wooden spoons, a 3-D spider, jewellery box case and I'm currently making sculptures of geckos. Next I think I'd like to make a little coffee table to put a hot drink on. I chose to do woodwork as part of my program because I wanted to give my family gifts that they would treasure forever." - Zoe S, Lifeskills Plus participant


"Respite helped me to juggle work with family commitments following a change in workplace. They arranged transport for my daughter to and from the local train station so she could attend the school of our choice. The team was prompt, friendly and reliable, and I had the peace of mind knowing that my daughter was safe in their care." - Natasha, mother


"Over the last 18 months, I have had the pleasure of working with Intelife to assist them in securing State Government contracts worth approximately $1.9 million over five years. I am pleased to be part of this initiative where people with a disability are given the opportunity to directly and positively contribute to the fabric of the Western Australian community in a valuable and meaningful way." - Bindy Symington, Department of Finance


"Thank you for the opportunity to work with Intelife. You're an amazing team and it was a privilege to guide the trainees through this qualification; they were fantastic." - Annette Linsley, Australian College of Training