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Respite Services

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Respite Services

Respite is available to give you time to rejuvenate. We offer short term and emergency support that is government funded for eligible participants.

We can provide individualised support to you and the person you care for in a way that will meet both of your needs.

About Respite

Our Respite Service provides a flexible, individualised service for carers of people living with mental illness, autism or an intellectual disability.

As a carer, we understand there are times you may experience frustration, depression, anxiety and/or isolation. This is a normal reaction to a challenging experience. We can provide you with a break or some time out from your care giving role.

We can provide support for any situation. You can enjoy a meal out with friends or attend an appointment; comfortable in the knowledge that the person you care for is being supported.

If we cannot assist, we will find an organisation that can.


What to Expect

Our activity options are designed to specifically meet your needs and the needs of the person you care for. Our services are extremely flexible; we can provide assistance at any time or place and can provide in-home or out-of-home support.

Our one-on-one support can take place at our centres or in the community. Our services are designed to benefit the person you care for as much as they benefit you. While in our care, participants can participate in a variety of community activities and access programs aimed at enhancing personal development.


Other services

When taking part in our services, our clients can enjoy their favourite pastimes, make new friends, enrich their own growth and development which may assist with an improved ability to cope with daily responsibilities.

As the carer, you can have a break from your care giving role. These services benefit you and the person you care for.


Our Team

We are a highly experienced team with more than 20 years’ experience providing support to people with disabilities and/or mental health issues.

As an NDIS registered provider and one of the State’s premier disability support services, you  can be guaranteed the person you care for will be supported by us in an appropriate and sensitive way.

Our staff receive continued training and their experience will help the person you care for enjoy their time away from home in a safe environment.


Your plan & Funding

As an NDIS registered provider, Intelife has the capacity to support you at all stages of the development and implementation of your plan.

Over the next 12 months Intelife will provide additional support to our current participants, supported employees, families and carers to prepare for the coming changes.We will also be holding information sessions to help people to prepare and identify their individual goals under the NDIS.

We can provide feedback and advice on your existing plan, offering guidance on the transition to the new system. We can even attend your planning meetings with you if you would like us there.

Intelife is committed to assisting our participants through these changes and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.