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Information for Job Seekers

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Information for Job Seekers

We are committed to empowering our participants to gain the skills, experience and ongoing training they need to progress towards work goals and gain greater workplace independence.

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About ADE

Intelife’s Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) is a commercial operation providing employment opportunities for people with disability in a ‘supported’ work environment.

‘Supported’ means individualised assistance is given, where necessary, so you can do your job successfully.


What we can offer you

We want to help you find and maintain meaningful, long-term employment that is right for you.

Our unique approach allows you to work in small teams of up to four individuals with one supervisor, rather than in large groups. This ensures the best level of support is always provided.

We can offer you a variety of employment options, ranging from commercial office cleaning and roadside beautification, to grounds maintenance and sand sifting, to contract packaging, labelling, collation and assembly. We also work closely with customers and encourage them to tell us if there are other types of work they would like us to do.


How we can help you

We are committed to empowering our participants to gain the skills, experience and ongoing training they need to progress towards work goals and gain greater workplace independence.

We also offer:

  • work experience opportunities
  • skills training and development
  • employment assistance planning
  • career development
  • a dedicated training department
  • independent transport assistance

ADE receives funding from the Department of Family and Community Services.


Wages & conditions

We offer employment opportunities seven days a week at various locations across Perth, as well as in the Peel and South West regions.

As one of our employees, you are entitled to the same rights and conditions as everyone else. This includes award-based fortnightly wages, leave entitlements, such as annual, sick, parental and study leave, and superannuation.

There are a few things you need to consider before you enter the workforce. Are you:

  • motivated to work?
  • willing and able to work between eight and 38 hours per week?
  • committed to achieving goals outlined in your Employment Assistance Plan?
  • willing to learn new skills and apply these to work tasks?
  • ready to work towards customer quality standards?
  • committed to working within workplace Occupational Health and Safety guidelines?

If you answered “yes” to these questions and you are eligible for the Disability Support Pension, then you are ready to work with us.

Call us to find out how we can help you.


About DES

Intelife’s Disability Employment Service (DES) provides a high quality service that assists people with a disability or barrier gain long term employment. Helping people gain successful long term employment is our goal; to achieve this, we address your needs and expectations while encouraging your career and skill development.

Our commitment to participants for over 20 years has produced thousands of positive employment outcomes, giving us a valued status in the community as a provider of choice for people with disability or workplace barriers.


Who we help

Do you have:

  • a disability or impairment?
  • a mental health condition?
  • an ongoing or lifelong illness?

a barrier stopping you from finding and keeping employment?

Our service is available to people with various abilities, disabilities and other barriers to employment. This may include intellectual and learning difficulties, mental health conditions, people with drug or alcohol issues, lifelong or long term illnesses, and the long term unemployed.


How we can help you

To work towards finding you long-term employment in your chosen field, we help participants achieve their career goals. We match employee needs and skills with job descriptions and expectations.

We can assist you to:

  • Develop a personalised Employment Assistance Plan to meet your needs
  • Address your needs and encourage skill development
  • Help you set goals and find ways to achieve them
  • Access training and workplace experience to increase your employability


Your eligibility

If you have a disability or barrier and want help to find employment, you can contact us directly or be referred by Centrelink. To maximise our assistance you need to be:

  • of legal working age, be secondary school- aged with approval from the Department of Education, or be in Year 12 and be receiving additional Education Assistant funding;
  • registered with Centrelink;
  • motivated to find and keep a job;
  • willing to work; and,
  • prepared to cooperate with Intelife staff in training, employment assistance planning and other activities to help you get paid work.

Centrelink’s Job Capacity Assessment determines if you are eligible to receive funding and services from Intelife – we can help you with this. People who have a Disability Support Pension are automatically eligible, however a Job Capacity Assessment still needs to be performed.


You’re in good company

We proudly work in a range of sectors and industries.  We have a range of opportunities within these organisations, so don’t miss out – call us now, so we can help you find your next job.

Below is a sample of organisations and businesses that we work with, let’s work together.