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About Us

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About Us

We believe in a world where everyone has access to the same opportunities.

Our approach has helped us become one of the State’s premier disability service providers.

How we can help


  • Work with you, your advocates and NDIS planning coordinators to develop an individualized program that will best meet your needs and goals
  • Provide post school opportunities, including life skills programs, community inclusion and employment
  • Secure long-term, meaningful employment with ongoing support


  • Support people to find and maintain a meaningful career
  • Provide career and skill development
  • Work with potential employers to create supportive work environments


  • Secure supervised day respite and longer breaks 
  • Provide flexible respite to carers
  • Give you confidence that the person you care for is being given the opportunity to realise their full potential


  • Source committed employees from the disability sector
  • Source experienced employees who have faced barriers to employment
  • Meet your commercial needs through fixed term, fixed price contract work or delivery of services as needed
  • Provide staff training on supporting people with mental health issues
  • Upskill staff in disability sector essentials
  • Provide personal and professional development for your workplace


Lifeskills Plus

Through planning for the future, education and supported learning, personal development, training and employment preparation we can help coordinate a unique plan. We’re flexible so we can be responsive to your goals, needs and lifestyle.


Respite Services

We provide respite care so that carers can take a break. Our Respite Service provides a flexible, individualised services for carers of people living with mental illness, autism or an intellectual disability.


Australian Disability Enterprise

We want to help people find and maintain meaningful, long-term employment that is right for them. We offer a range of employment options in a variety of settings, ensuring the best level of support is always provided.


Training and Development Services

Our training service consists of a team of professionals who develop, design and deliver high quality training to members of the community. All our training staff have extensive experience in the disability, mental health and human services sector.