No LTI’s Here!

News / 3 November 2019
Our incredibly dedicated workers are the heart and soul of Intelife and keeping them safe is a critical part of the organisation’s Health, Safety and Environment Management Plan (HSEMP).

Over recent years we have been extremely proactive in managing incidents and workers who have been hurt on the job. Our focus has been on ensuring injured colleagues access medical attention as soon as possible; receive on-going medical and non-medical support; return to work plans are relevant to both them and their workplace; and where needed, we modify the environment to accommodate any special needs.

One measure of how well Intelife is doing is our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for Lost Time Injuries Frequency Rate (LTIFR).

Thanks to the efforts of everyone at Intelife we are thrilled to report that our LTI rates have fallen steadily, and as of August 2019:


Intelife has not had a single LTI since August 2018!

To all our amazing Intelife staff, the Board and Executive congratulate you on this outstanding achievement.

Intelife’s HSEMP defines LTI as:

‘Lost-time injury is defined as an occurrence that resulted in a fatality, permanent disability or time lost from work of one day/shift or more. Shifts lost travelling to or completing a medical assessment are not included provided that person is assessed as fit to immediately resume normal or alternative duties.’

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