NDIA New funding model for Employment

News, Resources / 9 October 2020

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has announced a new funding model for employment.

At Intelife, we’re excited about transitioning to this new model as it will give us the opportunity to support you to reach your goals through continued employment and individualised support.

Find out more on the NDIS website or Easy Read – Information for participants working in an ADE (PDF 6.8MB)

What’s changing?

Changes to how we pay for your work supports (easy read)

Your last plan had money in a budget called “Assistance in Specialised Supported Employment” and this was in your Capacity Building budget.

In your new plan, funding for supports at work will be called “Supports in Employment” and this will be in your Core budget.

Supports are based on your individual support needs. Support will now be charged at an hourly rate, rather than a weekly rate. There is a different rate, depending on the day of the week, the time of the day and the type of support you receive.

How will this affect me?

Funding is now personalised to fund specific employment supports to meet your goals and support needs.  Your plan will be unique and different to other people’s plans.

The new pricing system will give you:

  • More choice, flexibility and control over your supports
  • Opportunity to receive a program of one-on-one and group supports within a day
  • Options to work at different workplaces

What do I need to do?

The changes to the pricing and the new line items mean that you will need to sign a new Service Agreement with Intelife. This will detail the level of support you require from the team at Intelife, based on the work you do and how many hours of work you do each week.

We will work with you to move over to the new funding model by meeting with you to discuss your goals and creating a plan to achieve them. One of our team will contact you and/or your family to schedule a meeting so that together we can write a report to take to your planning meeting with the NDIS.

How will Intelife use this funding to provide employment support?

We will use the funding to provide you with support, including:

  • one-to-one support
  • group-based support
  • non-face-to-face support such as task analysis and individual tools to support you to learn new skills and succeed at work.

These supports will help you to develop your skills, engage in on-the-job and off-the-job training and explore work opportunities that are available to you.

How do I prepare for my next NDIS plan review meeting?

You may be asked some of the below questions at your planning meeting. This helps ensure you get support to work towards your employment goals.

Firstly, they look at what you’re currently doing:

– Where do you work?
– How many hours do you work each week?
– What help do you get at work?

And what you’d like to do in the future:

– How many hours do you want to work each week?
– What new skills would you like to learn at work?
– What other jobs would you like to try?

Intelife will organise a meeting with you to discuss your answers to these questions and provide you with a report so you can be prepared for your next NDIS Plan review meeting.

How can Intelife help me achieve my goals?

We are committed to providing you with individualised support that will suit your needs and help you achieve your current and future employment goals.

Will the cost of my supports be funded?

This new model will fund specific employment supports that are tailored to meet your work goals. Depending on your support needs, work goals and circumstances, your NDIS plan may have a higher amount for employment supports.

Will this affect my Disability Support Pension or my wages?

No, it won’t. The money provided for workplace supports from a NDIS Plan is separate to your Disability Support Pension and the wages you are paid for the work you do.

What happens now?

An Intelife team member will organise a meeting with you to discuss how we can continue to provide support for you at work. Together with you, we will create a Recommendations Report to take to your next NDIS planning meeting.

Your NDIS Planner will want to know how often you work and what kind of support you get from Intelife’s staff at work.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can talk to your Skills Trainer or your local Manager at Intelife. You can also call 1300 468 396 or email info@intelife.org


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