Liam’s story

News / 29 June 2022

Liam is 36 and lives at home with his mum Linda.  Liam has been accessing Lifeskills Mandurah support since 2018, having received a late diagnosis of Autism.  Liam is very knowledgeable about all things to do with Transformers and has a large collection at home.  He enjoys golf and is involved in a creative writing group called Fan Fiction.  Until recently, Liam had also been working part-time as a Trolley collector at Coles.

Liam’s Lifeskills goals have focussed around increasing his independent living skills, building his friendships in his community, and improving his fitness.

In recent weeks, Liam has commenced with Commercial Services, working 2 days a week on road-side litter collection and BBQ cleaning.  Liam’s employment goals include developing his work, communication, social and time management skills, with the ultimate goal of returning to open employment.

Liam’s mum, Linda recently reached out to provide some feedback.

 “Thank you, he is really taking ADE seriously, loves working/interacting with others, we have quite the conversation about his days, which is a BIG change for Liam, he has never been a conversationalist, always just short sharp one word answers and never initiates a discussion, I have seen quite a change in him and I am very grateful to Intelife, you people are amazing”

In passing this feedback onto the team, our Operations Coordinator replied…

I too have noticed a change in his communication with myself. He was quite abrupt but now seems to hold a pleasant conversation in a much friendlier tone”.

Great job Liam, keep up the great work!

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