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Jordan's Story - Customised Employment

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Jordan's Story - Customised Employment

30 May 2018
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Jordan is a participant in Intelife's Customised Employment program.  Our Coordinator Jodie, began working with Jordan last year and he decided that he wanted to create a business selling DVD's. He was already collecting unwanted DVD's from within his community and had amassed quite a collection.

With Jodie's help they created a website and a facebook page to advertise Jordan's DVD business and got assistance through our Lifeskills program to distibute flyers and sort the DVD's.

With help from Jordan's family he also secured and runs a market stall at the Rockingham Rotary markets.  He sells the DVDs at the markets every Sunday morning for a small price. The local newspaper even ran an article on Jordan and his business.

Jordan is working on Keys for Life program and saves $50 per week from his business so that he can eventaully buy his own car. He also now works in Intelife's Supported Employment Program on one of the BBQ cleaning contracts.

Since beginning his journey Jordan has become much more communicative and having his own business has helped him find a sense of belonging within his community.

If you would like to donate any DVDs to Jordan you will find him at the Rockingham Rotary Markets every Sunday!