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Customised Employment - Peter's story

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Customised Employment - Peter's story

13 June 2018
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Peter is a participant in our Life Skills and Customised Employment programs.  Our SaFlo coordintor Jodie has been working with Peter over the past few months to assist him in finding meaningful employment. He has held down a range of different jobs to date in hospitality and cleaning but wanted find a job more suited to his skills.  Jodie initiated a Discovery process  to asess Peters strengths and during the process Peter's flair for data processing and his administrative skills came to light.  Subsequently Peter has been accepted into a Certificate III course in Business and Administration at TAFE.  

Jodie will be supporting Peter at TAFE and is also in the process of assisting him to find work experience.  This story is proof that having austism does not have to be a barrier to achieving your goals and that with the right support the sky is the limit!