Policies and procedures

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Policies and procedures

Intelife's Policies and Procedures form the guidelines that Intelife follows.

These are based on the Disability Services Standards set by the Government, and are reviewed continually throughout the year.

If you would like to see a full copy of the Policies and Procedures, please contact us.

Our Policies and Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures cover guidelines in areas including:

  • Privacy, Dignity and Confidentiality;
  • Communication, Consultation and Participant Complaints/Disputes;
  • Protection of Rights, Freedom from Abuse and Harassment;
  • Behavioral Intervention Program;
  • Occupational Safety and Health;
  • Staff Education and Development;
  • Continuous Improvement;
  • Document Control and Records Management;
  • Emergency Planning; and,
  • Safety and Security.