'We Will Rock You' puts on a show to remember

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'We Will Rock You' puts on a show to remember

7 October 2015 - 3:15pm
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Intelife's choir and drama group We Will Rock You gave their inaugural performance to a crowded venue yesterday, after weeks of preparation.

The eight-person group from Gosnells branch performed their own version of Cinderella, complete with a disco, Facebook, a Harley Davidson motorbike and characters from other fairy-tales, followed by a series of songs with accompanying musicians.

We Will Rock You, which was led by Skills Trainer Geoff Broad, encouraged the audience of more than 50 people to sing along to classics including Waltzing Matilda, Singing in the Rain and Do Re Mi. One member of the group was even sung happy birthday by all in attendance.

Geoff said it took a lot of hard work to make the performance happen, but that it was rewarding to see the participants enjoy themselves and use the new skills they had learnt, including increased reading abilities and ad-libbing.

Each member of We Will Rock You and the accompanying pianist were presented with certificates to acknowledge their accomplishments. The group is open to all Intelife participants who wish to join - there are no auditions or prerequisites.

PHOTO: The audience starting to enter the venue. This photo was taken 10 minutes before curtain-up, and in those intervening minutes, the audience trebled in size.