Government green thumbs tested by Intelife supported employees

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Government green thumbs tested by Intelife supported employees

7 October 2015 - 3:30pm
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Intelife supported employees put the gardening skills of Department of Finance representatives to the test this week.

Fifteen Government staff worked alongside three Intelife teams to complete gardening and horticultural work at Settler’s Townsite on Burlington Road, as part of their contract with Lochness Landscape Services and the City of Rockingham.

CEO Fiona Beermier said the not-for-profit was approached by the Department to host their representatives, as a way to increase their awareness of the ADE program.

“The gardening day with the Department of Finance was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate our ability to provide meaningful work for our supported employees, and we’re so thrilled that such a large number of staff were eager to take part in the experience,” Ms Beermier said.

“From instruction on how to safely use equipment such as hedgers and blower-vacs to demonstrations as to the best way to remove dead vegetation from the bushes, the visitors were put through their paces by our supported employees.

“We work closely with State Government as part of our commitment to the providing employment opportunities for people with disability in WA, so we hope this experience will help the visitors to spread the word about our excellent employment program to other Government departments.”

PHOTO: Intelife supported employees and representatives from the Department of Finance hard at work at the Burlington Road park in Safety Bay.